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Goodtogo for Buisness

Helping you to Eat H.A.P.P.Y

Do you have a desire to want to offer healthier choices & promote well-being to your employees?

Why not introduce Eat H.A.P.P.Y in the workplace. A refreshing and new incentive that will support your employees to keep energised, engaged and productive.

Breakfast Meetings - We offer delicious and nutritious Healthy Breakfast Bowls, served in individual compostable pots, made fresh daily, delivered when you need them.



Anytime Meetings - Fed up with boring biscuits and calorific muffins? Why not offer a selection of our Healthy Bites or a choice of freshly chopped, ready to eat, delicious fruit? 


Celebrating your Birthday at Work? Rather than taking the traditional cakes route, why not make a healthy swap and order a jar of healthy and yummy bites? They are delicious with an afternoon cuppa and without the guilt!!

Lunchtime Meetings - We offer great tasting and nutritious layered salads, served in individual compostable pots or refillable glass mason jars, much more enjoyable than a tray of sandwiches! We can also offer individual (microwavable) pots of Healthy Homemade Soup, these can be simply heated when needed.

For large corporate offices we can offer our fully sustainable experience. Delivering daily and managing our returnable glass breakfast pots and layered salad jars into a chilled, cashless, vending fridge, bespoke for your location. Fresh, great tasting food in your employees hands, in seconds.