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Glass Jar Refillable Service

Introducing Our GoGo Bites.

Homemade, hand-rolled little balls of loveliness!

* Vegan Friendly

* Gluten Free

* No Added Sugar

* High Fibre 

* Less than 100 Calories per Bite.

These 20g little nutritional bites are made from 100% natural ingredients and ideal for Gyms, Cafes, Farm Shops, Refill Stores & Coffee Wagons.

- Ideal for Counter space

- Drives customer spend ' a little something with their coffee'

- Zero waste long shelf life, remain fresh for a month.

- A healthy option for all dietary requirements.

- Playing your part, kinder to the planet - no packaging.

- Free jar 


If you want to discuss further and sample some to see if they would be right for your business, please get in touch with Rachel.


Mobile: 07720759694